Here is my last try!

As usual we got some cancels and very sad Problems

with Flights (Fuckin RYANAIR sucks! sry Ronnie 🙁 )

…but also we have some new incoming Artists!

Here is the last Timetable with some Open Slots…

im offline soon coz bad connetion at the Venue.


To the Artists:

Please Message me if ure not Happy with your Playtime!

(but i hope youre!)

Saturday 1800h Order of the muffin (MZD) 1
Evening 1900h e_wann (BE) 1
  2000h D-Fusion 1
  2100h Oerfil + Simon acid Breakfast (SE) -live 1
  2200h Ferox13 1
  2300h Axel Sohns -Hybrid- 1
Sunday 0000h Talec Twist 1,5
  0130h Flying Lure -live- 1,5
  0300h Ener 1,5
  0430h MeowMeow vs Jefflocks (NL) -live- 1,5
  0600h Proton 1,5
  0730h Frau C Bass 1,5
  0900h Ramontisch + der Bengel 1,5
  1030h T Mathiz 1,5
Sunday 1200h Raum107 -live- 1
midday 1300h Herr Mauer 1,5
  1430h Duality Micro -live- 1
  1530h Dize7(FI)/Sascha Müller/Schieberz -live- 2,5
  1800h ???? 1,5
  1930h Syntekk -live- 1
  2030h Freakquenzer (TBA) 1,5
  2200h Herr Kalkmann -live- (TBA) 1
  2300h Fin Phranklin 1,5
Monday 0030h Stak Etop (FI) -live- 1
  0130h Wotta Mess (UK) 1,5
  0300h Iridium Flare 1,5
  0430h Drückebärger -live- 1,5
  0600h Analog Species -live- 1
  0700h Aural Exciter 2
  0900h Psychomantix 1

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